General Manager amongst other titles at a Radio Station in South Australia, and has been involved since the age of 15, as well as having some experience in band management and Radio Promotion. 
Scad Co- Founded Melomania in 2008 with a friend who owned/ran the local cd store, with the intention to promote upcoming acts alongside the charttoppers on the local radio station. Never did either of them imagine the show becoming as big as it is today.
In 2009 Scad was one of the 215 radio announcers that helped Jack Ingram smash the world record for most interviews in 24 hours.
In 2012 Scad teamed up with Eric Alexandrakis (Composer/Musician) and released "It's All About The Wokka Wokka", a song that not only takes a fun look at the radio program Melomania, but also donates all the money raised from the track back to charity.
Awards & Achievements.
2017 - Most Syndicated Show (Finalist)
2017 - Best Music Program (Finalist)
2017 - Best In House Production of a Show Promo (Finalist)
2017 - Best Sponsorship Annoucement (Finalist)
2016 - Most Downloaded PDS Show - Winner
2016 - Life Member of 5tcb FM 
2016 - Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign (Finalist)
2015 Community Individual - Brand SA/Regional Awards (Winner)
2015 Australia Day Young Citizen of The Year - Tatiara District (Winner)
2014 Community Achiever - Haigh's Chocolate Volunteering Award (Finalist)
2013 Best Interview (Peter Combe) – Finalist
2012 Best Locally Produced Music Program - Winner
2012 Best Interview - (Vanessa Amorosi) – Winner
2011 Best In House Production of a Show Promo - Winner
2011 Best Locally Produced Program - Winner
2011 Best Interview - (Leukaemia Foundation Aust) - Winner
2009 Best Show Promo – Finalist






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